Océ VarioStream 7650 Twin Printer

VarioStream 7650
2 Engines

VarioStream 7650 Twin Printer

  • Duplex Printing
  • Bundle 7 Software
  • Each Twin can be run separately in a Simplex Mode
  • Turnbar System
  • 1,273 pages per minute at 600 DPI

1st Unit Printer

  • MICR Capability 
  • QCDS (Quick Change Developer Station) and Cart
  • FOOT COUNT: 216 Million Feet

Pre Post

  • 1st Hunkeler Unwinder POPP 4
  • 2nd Hunkeler Rewinder POPP 4

2nd Unit Printer

  • No MICR Capability
  • FOOT COUNT: 25 Million Feet (this printer was replaced and only has 25MM feet of usage)

Pre Post

  • 3rd Hunkeker Unwinder POPP 4
  • 4th Hunkeler Rewinder POPP 4

Note: Serviced by Océ under a Full Service Maintenance Contract.







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